What I’m About

Moniquevanderwalt_cows_bulwer_kwazulunatal_canon_photography_southafrica (5)

My New Country Road Home – Bulwer, KZN – one of my favourite shots ever (Canon 80D 18-135)

Hello There & Welcome to my Creative Site.

Here you might find:


Autobiography Excerpts

Random Ramblings from my early blogging days

On my main site Moniquevanderwalt you might find:


Tourism #IDoTourism


More about me and my WHY

moniquevanderwalt_photography_tourism_travel_drakensberg_southafrica_Idotourism_kwazulunatal (36)

My Southern Drakensberg neighbourhood as of 2017. The R617 between Bulwer & Underberg, KwazuluNatal

Just for interests’ sake, here is my About Page from 2013:

The about page is the hardest excerpt to write.

I found myself conceiving words and phrases that paint me as the cliched, stereotypical twenty-something career woman

“Is that what i am?”

As my mind wandered into a tangled chaotic twist of thoughts, it dawned on me.

The answer is irrelevant.

My About Page does not have to be a character definition: my character is manifest in my posts.

The essence of blogging is sharing.

Sharing of beauty, insight, knowledge, worth; sharing our world, our humanity.

Every morning, God gives us a magnificent and one-of-a-kind array of colours, just for us to smile about (if nothing else).

My blog shares my appreciation of this world, this humanity, through my God-given uniqueness.

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