3 comments on “Trust. Lies. Hurt. Truth. Power. – The Human race

  1. What you have said is very true, my whole working life was based on the fact that my boss paid me my salary and that allowed him to do what he wanted to me even though he was wrong, that is what you would call loyalty. Then I found that this is not only at work but across the spectrum of life, boss;wife;lover;children;father;dog;cat, as you can see I left out my mother. I think we should learn to understand that all of us as humans have a destructive nature to kill, destroy and also hurt , the fact that you and I have seen that this is weapon gives us an heads up, so imagine all those people that don’t see what we see and know.
    South Africa

    • Spot on Gary. Very well said. Being taken advantage of happens in every part of our lives. We notice it more at work, because, lets face it, we spend more time at the office than anywhere else, well at least I do.
      Enjoy your day!

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