5 comments on “Today Bulimia. Next? Anorexia or Over-Exercising, What Else?

  1. My beautiful friend you are so incredibly brave and courageous and I am so extremely proud of you.

    The Lord sees your heart and knows your intense desire to overcome this struggle and addiction and remember that HE is Fighting your battle!

    I love you much!

  2. Praying for you y gorgeous young friend. Still in the UK till 27th October but hope to see you when I get back. Perhaps you, Dennis ad I could meet up. Love you precious girl. Sonja Hannan 😊 xxxx

    • And thank You, precious person in my life. Your courage in the short time I have known you is very evident and an inspiration.
      We will meet up when you are back ❤

  3. Shjoe Monique – I am really floored by your brave intentions and your courage. I have no words but to say well done on holding your own. I somehow feel that by the time your 32nd birthday comes around, you would have achieved your goal. It will involve many up and downs, but you will get there. Vasbyt

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