10 comments on “In Journeys & Autobiography Memories

  1. Awesum write mame. Loved it. I could hear u as i was reading it. U truely at peace. Love and miss u

  2. Your writing style is honest and truthful and is totally refreshing and even though I haven’t been to Southern Drakensberg in along time, I miss the beauty and serenity of it all I was reared in Himeville and lived there until went to boarding school in Pietermaritzburg. Eels like such a long time ago in another world..Thank you for reminding me where I come from👍

    • Thank You, great to hear feedback. As we speak I am leaving for Underberg and I generally drive through Himeville when I am there – I love the feel of the place ✌

  3. I just posted pictures on Twitter & Facebook of heavy rain in Himeville about 5 minutes ago. There is a new service station opposite the Police station Puma brand, where I have take refuge. It’s a hectic storm!

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